Our Priorities

1. Proactive Policing

  • The best way to reduce crime is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

  • We will actively seek out the criminal element, becoming more proactive as opposed to only reacting to calls.

  • When we find ourselves only reactive, we are always behind.  We will not accept that.  Our citizens deserve the greatest level of protection we can possibly give them.

  • We will utilize technology and crime analysis to see where the current crime "hot spots" are and will direct our resources to that area.  We can focus our patrols and presence in these areas, hoping to deter future crimes and solve crimes that were committed.

  • I want officers out doing their jobs – stopping cars, observing suspicious activity and taking action, patrolling all areas of the county, arresting offenders, working thorough investigations, and always going beyond the “normal” when we look at any situation.  Training will be provided to help officers recognize and identify indicators of criminal activity.

  • Proactive policing does not mean we are out writing a tons of tickets.  It is simply doing everything we can to stay in front of the criminal element who are trying to take advantage of our law abiding citizens.

  • Can we prevent every crime?  Obviously not, but we sure are going to try our best.

2. Drug Dealing Arrests Will be a Priority

  • One of our largest focuses will be on the detection and apprehension of drug dealers.

  • Dealers are “Peddlers of Destruction”, who are bringing and providing poison to our friends, neighbors, family, and loved ones.  They must be held accountable.

  • Drug addiction is the root of so many problems – both socially and criminally – and the drug dealers are just making this problem worse.  The vast majority of all crimes are either directly, or indirectly, related to drug use (example: a drug addict may be committing thefts or burglaries in order to pay for their habit).  If we can greatly reduce the number of people dealing drugs in our communities, we are also reducing other types of crimes as well.

  • We want to make Lawrence County a place that drug dealers don’t want to try and do business in because they will be caught, arrested, prosecuted, and convicted.

  • I have the experience, knowledge, and relationships to facilitate this goal.

  • Illegal drug use, specifically methamphetamine and opioids, is the number one problem facing our community.  We must do all we can to stop it from coming into our county.  We don't want to lose anymore friends or family to overdoses or senseless crime rooted in drug use.

3. Illegal Drug Use and Addiction Must Be Addressed

  • As stated before, drug addiction is at the core of most every crime committed in our community.

  • Enforcement of drug possession is obviously necessary, often just to get the addict on the path to getting the help they need.

  • I believe that we, as a community, need to have first time offender treatment programs.  Although no one can wave a magic wand and have successful programs, there are certain things the Sheriff’s Department, can do.

  • As Sheriff, I would investigate ways to bring multiple drug treatment programs into the jail in order to get offenders started on a path to recovery as soon as possible.  Many times, people are ready for help at their lowest point – let’s have help available.

  • I would have our officers be familiar with the different treatment options/facilities available in our area, and I would have them supply that information to those who need it that the officers encounter during the course of their duties.

  • We would give those with addiction problems, who we have encountered possessing illegal drugs, the chance to not only help themselves, but also the entire community, by cooperating with police on investigating the real problems – the dealers.  I would work with the prosecutor’s office and courts on ways that anyone who cooperates on dealing investigations can avoid jail time or get reduced sentences.  I stress two things here: this is not a revolving door policy where the same people can keep getting arrested, knowing they can avoid consequences to their actions time after time and this is not a “get out of jail free” card.  Instead, I would like a program of cooperation that helps the offender hit certain benchmarks in a drug treatment program.  This would take cooperation from multiple judicial offices, but we don’t want to just use someone and forget about them.  Let’s get help to those who are helping us.


4. Major Crimes Response Team

  • I would explore ways that multiple law enforcement agencies and offices with a stake in Lawrence County can agree to work together on major crimes.  This is very effective in other counties, where agencies want to work together for one purpose – helping the citizens and victims get justice.

  • I want to utilize the knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise from multiple agencies to get resolution for the community and victim.

  • This team would come together to help investigate homicides, burglary sprees, and other crimes as needed.  It is not about one agency getting the glory, it’s about getting justice.

  • I have seen time and time again in my career where crimes would have been solved faster and more effectively had we utilized all our resources.

  • Although it would take all involved to sort out the particulars, I envision a team that consists of a prosecutor, detectives from multiple agencies, officers who live in the area the crime has occurred (they know the locals and usually have useful knowledge), crime scene technicians, and drug enforcement personnel (it is already established drugs play a huge part in all crimes, so drug officers naturally have information useful on all types of crimes).  Whatever jurisdiction the crime(s) has occurred would be the lead agency, with everyone working together sharing suggestions, information, and investigative responsibilities.


5. School Safety

  • Our children are our most precious commodity.  We want to help ensure the safety and security of our youth by actively working with our schools.

  • We will work with school administrators to provide the safest environment possible.

  • We will continue to have officers in our schools.

  • We will continue to have a reserve deputy program, with those officers working athletic events.

  • I want to coordinate training with all the local police agencies to prepare for major incidents in our schools.  In the tragic event that something happens in our schools, officers from every department imaginable will respond.  Let’s train the way we respond.  This is already done in some nearby counties, so there is no excuse to not make it happen here.


6. Community Connection

  • The citizens of Lawrence County will see us, know us, and feel comfortable approaching us.  You will know that we care and are trying our hardest for you.

  • LCPD Community Outreach meetings – I envision having an informal, public meeting every six months where the community can come out and talk to representatives for the department (I, as the Sheriff, would make every effort to be the representative at each meeting).  This would be a time we can hear the concerns that are directly affecting each area of our county.  In turn, we can share what we have been doing as well.  I would have a meeting in each quadrant of the county, so that no matter where you live, you can know we care.

  • We are all in this together.  We must never forget that.


7. Inter-Agency Working Relationships

  • We are better as a profession, and as a community, when we work together.  The old saying, “United we stand, divided we fall” is just as true with law enforcement as it is with anything else.

  • Under my leadership, the officers of LCPD will have close working relationships with all other police agencies in the county.  We will always be willing to help Bedford PD, Mitchell PD, Oolitic PD, Indiana Conservation Law, and Indiana State Police.  I, personally, will make positive relationships with the administration of the other departments a focus of mine.

  • As previously stated, I want to foster these on-going relationships with things such as a Major Crimes Response Team and joint training.

  • I have always maintained these types of close working relationships during my career, which puts me in the unique position to be the person to facilitate this.


8. Training

  • I would ensure that LCPD officers would receive not only required yearly training, but also increased training for things such as de-escalation techniques, investigations, reports, and legal updates.

  • The more “tools” an officer has, the better chance there is for a successful conclusion to any incident.


9. Other Specifics

  • I want to provide LCPD and it’s officers with quality, proven, and even cutting-edge equipment to help them do their jobs in the best manner possible, while helping them and the community to be safer.

  • Efficiency with spending money will be a priority.  We will always try to get the most bang for our buck.  Wasteful spending will be avoided.  We will seek out and apply for grants that help us achieve our goals.

  • I would do everything in my power to provide the best possible working environment for our staff – civilian, merit, dispatch, and jail employees.  These are the folks that are on the front lines, facing dangers and stresses, while still helping our communities.  I want to attract the best employees.  Citizens want good officers and they most certainly deserve good officers.  I want to combat the ongoing issue of good, young employees leaving the profession or going to other departments.  Every single employee, who does their job well and professionally, will know that they are valued and that I will always do everything I can for them.