Volunteer or Donate

You can be a part of something great.  It takes us all!

Anyone interested in getting involved with our campaign to help us move the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department forward and helping us achieve our goals, please contact us via Facebook (Day for Lawrence County Sheriff) or by email (Day4lawrencecountysheriff@gmail.com).

There will be many volunteer opportunities including walking with us door to door, phone calls, parades, and other things.

Although my least favorite part of the campaign process, raising money to support the cause we so strongly believe in is unfortunately necessary.  If you feel as passionate as I do about making the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department an agency that works for the entire community, that completes professional and thorough work, that actively seeks out and removes drug dealers, and that remains accountable for all that it does, then please consider helping us with a donation.  You have my word that any such contribution will not be wasted and will be put directly toward helping the campaign.  Together, we can have the best Sheriff’s Department in the state.  I really do believe it.

If you do wish to contribute, there are three ways to do so.

  1. Mail to 588 Indian Creek Road Bedford, IN 47421.  Please include your name and address with the donation.  Checks can be made out to “Day for Lawrence County Sheriff”.

  2. Contact us via our Facebook page and we can make arrangements to meet with you.

  3. Contact us via our email (Day4lawrencecountysheriff@gmail.com) and I can set up a time to meet with you.

Your support is greatly appreciated!